Wushu is a full contact sport similar to the chinese martial arts. It is said to be one of the hardest martial art technique to learn. Here are some other things you may benefit from knowing.


Combat Sport

For many this is more of an exhibition then martial art. For many it is a full combat sport. When it comes to competitions for this sport, there are two different ways that this is done. Forms which is also called taolu and sparring which is called sanda. In today’s competitions it seems that it has become more of acrobatics. Things such as high spinning and jumping kicks.


Other Events

Within these competitions there are other event that go with the wushu. Here are just some of them.The long fist also known as Changquan. Nanquan also referred to as the southern fist. These are done barehanded.

You have the short weapons which include knife, also known as Dao. There is the double-edge sword called Jian. You also have the long weapons which include but not limited to the spear called Qiang. There is also the staff which is called Gun.



There are many places that teach this form of martial art. Make sure that you check out Wushu Singapore to begin your search. They have classes for adults, children as well as classes that teach other forms.

This form of martial art has been around for decades. Now as the time went on there were changes to different aspects of the sport. However, the overall background has pretty much stayed the same. So make sure that you look into all the information that you can so that you will have some insight of the sport before jumping in feet first. Do not get discouraged, many people have mastered this sport and so can you.