The installation of a bathtub is something that can be undertaken by an enthusiastic DIYer, if he has the right skills in plumbing, and may need to know some carpentry and tiling as well. Replacing an old bathtub with a new one can be a little more complicated, especially if you have to open out walls and floors to access the plumbing or remove the old bathtub.

You must be able to answer all questions on “How to install a bathtub” before you undertake such a project. If you find yourself unable to do so, get a good plumber or contractor to carry out the installation work. It can become necessary if there is a lot of tiling and other work that needs to be redone or modified. Bathtubs can require a fair amount of space in a bathroom, and you must make sure that your bathroom has space, and does not make your bathroom too crowded or difficult to use.

Bathtubs can have support frames that need to be properly installed and these must be properly embedded in floors and walls so that the structure can get the required backing and firmness. Bathtubs will require being fitted with mixers or taps and you must ensure that the supply line you connect them to has a proper supply of water, as otherwise, it may take a long time to fill your bathtub, and have you waiting for that refreshing soak and bath. The question of “How to install a bathtub” also needs you need to make sure that the bathtub is able to drain out quickly and that the drain or outlets have the required capacity.

Make sure that your new installation is properly fitted with an overflow that leads directly to the drain and prevents flooding of your bathroom. Once you have finished all these steps, you can redo any tiling, where it is necessary.