There is no doubt that many types of the drugs tests are there to know about the drug addiction. They can also be used in many other cases. Mostly, we hear about them in the sports and games. Some players use the unfair means like a drug to boost up their performance. Through the drug tests, we can find about the ground reality about their performance. But you should know the facts that drug test are not a hundred percent perfect. There are many boundaries of the drug tests and it is better to know about them.

How drug tests are lacking behind

You must have seen many cases when some people debate about the outstanding performance of some players. Through the drug testing system, they wanted to find out the truth about the performance. But you should know the fact that they are not 100% accurate because of many reasons.

The pharmaceutical industry has gone far now after the invention of the microbiology gadgets. They are now capable of producing several types of unique drugs. Detecting some of the drugs through the present technology is not even possible. On the daily basis, something new is introduced in the market (drugs). It is not possible to update the technology and another testing system according to them.

Research and development

Many big corporate houses are highly active in the field of research and development of the new drugs. But you should know the fact that many few are indulge in the testing system. As the result of this, new drugs are frequently being launched in the market but the testing system is now lacking behind. In some cases, the player can also deny going through the test because of the exposing in front of the tester. This situation can put the serious threat to the privacy of the world-class players.