If you want to save yourself a ton of money on your internet bill every month, it can actually be as simple as playing coy or a little bit “hard to get” with your broadband internet service provider. A lot of the best broadband deals are only shared with customers that seem as if they’re hesitant to accept the base pricing. A lot of companies have various tiers of service that are essentially hidden away from public view, and saved as special offers to those that are a little bit more hard to persuade over the initial cost.

This is especially useful when it comes to dealing with the ever present problem of rising bills. Every single internet service provider likes to eventually raise the costs of their customers’ bills. In many instances, the reasoning behind it is arbitrary at best. However, it’s been discovered that merely bringing it up with a customer service representative will almost always result in a reversal of the increased monthly fees. Getting a lower price is usually a mere call away.

Just striking up a conversation with your ISP is all it takes when it comes to any kind of broadband deals. For instance, you may even be able to land a higher speed connection for a lower amount than the advertised price. Just be sure to mention that you’re interested in a particular higher speed package, but then let the representative know that you can’t really afford it for the time being. Almost out of nowhere, you’ll often be presented with a “special” offer to enhance your speeds for only $5 more per month (as opposed to $20 or more). As long as you’re polite but set firm boundaries about how much you’re willing to pay for extra services, you can end up with a much more lucrative deal on your broadband bill each month.