Weight is very important, when we talk about human babies. Silicon babies are replica of human babies, so the same is true for them. A lot of artists are making Click this website, but they do not consider the weight of these dolls. Light weight dolls cannot give the felling of real baby.

Silicon babies are usually filled with fine sand or the fiberfill, which is lighter in weight. To add weight to your silicon babies, you can use sand. However, it can get collected at one place, which is not appropriate. The solution is to fill sand, in little bags and fill these bags inside the dolls. The material of the bag should be strong enough, if the sand spills, it will create a great mess.

Other than sand, you can use glass beads or pellets to add weight. They are easy to use and handle. They will not leak out of the body of baby and they are not expansive too. Other than that, baby fat pellets are also available, which give even more realistic look. However, make sure that you use these pellets by placing inside the fabric bags, it will be easier to replace them, when needed.

The weight of the baby is associated with the age of then silicon babies.  If you are making a new born baby, one to six-month-old, it will be lighter as compared to one year old baby. So, decide the age of your baby. You can find the appropriate weight of the baby, per age, on different websites.

If you want to give silicon babies to a small child or an old family member, lighter weight is good. As the baby gets mature, you can add more weight to your silicon baby, it’s simple and easy to do. Do it once, and thigs will be easier for you.