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Snapchat Hacks to make Life more Interesting

Snapchat is a very interesting instant messaging app being used by millions of individuals across the world. You can be very creative on Snapchat if you know about the hacks that make it even more addictive. Take a look at the following snapchat hacks to have more fun out of conversation with your friend on Snapchat.


Change the size of the emoji you are using

Everyone has a fixed set of emojis to use during snaps in snapchat. But you can be different by using this snapchat hack. Choose the emoji you want to use and then tap at the symbol T made on the top right corner of your screen. Now you can zoom in and out using your two fingers to increase and decrease the size of the emoji.


Know about people who see your story

It is natural for you to be curious about the individuals who see your story on snapchat. Just tap on your snap and are shown an eyeball with a number mentioned against it. This number is the number of friends who have seen your story. Now tap on the eyeball to get a drop down list containing names of friends who have seen your story.


Use both cameras at the same time

Did you know that you can make use of both the rear as well as front cameras when making videos in snapchat? This means you can create videos containing not just your object but also you by just swapping between the two cameras as you make your snap.


Skip a bring snap

It is not necessary to spend your time by going through the entire video made by your friend. If you do not like his snap, just tap on the screen and you are ready to hop through snaps to be able to read an interesting story.